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Send the University Press of Kentucky a Bookshelfie, Get a Free eBook

tumblr_ms7illadkE1sw8jzpo1_1280[1]Remember bookshelfies, that new vanity photo fad? One academic publisher has turned the fad into a clever promotional tool.

The University Press of Kentucky is now offering a free ebook to anyone who sends them a photo showing someone holding a book published by UPK.

They’re calling this an eBook Loyalty program, and it is open to everyone. Send in a photo and you’ll get a free PDF. While the UPK does sell Epubs on their website this program only gives out PDFs.

Ideally they want you to send a photo of you holding the book you own, but I don’t think there’s any way for them to verify the identity of the subject of the photo. Nor do I think they care all that much.In fact, their blog shows a number of people whose pictures were taken in a UPK booth at a trade show of some kind:



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