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Shanda: 500 yuan reasonable price for ebooks – WTF?

Trading Markets are reporting:

E-books will become a major reading mode and the reasonable price should be about CNY 500 each, said Zhou Hongli, the chief copyright officer of Shanda Literature Corp. (SDL), the literature business unit of leading Chinese interactive entertainment media company Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd. (NASDAQ: SNDA | PowerRating), recently.

They  must have made a mistake somehow.  500 CNY is about $73 USD. As much as the agency 5 might  love the price point, it makes no sense for the price of an ebook. Perhaps the Shanda spokesman was saying that would be a good price for an ebook _reader_. I don’t know.

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Paul Kennedy August 12, 2010 um 9:06 am

I wonder if he meant the e-reader.

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