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Sigil Updated With New Ways to Edit Your Epub Files

logo sigilFollowing a hiatus of close to a year, the open source Epub editor Sigil was updated this week  with new features.

In addition to several minor improvements, Sigil also now features a plugin framework which will make it easier for developers to release custom modules that perform specialized tasks:

Plugins support is a revision one at this point. We have plans to expand it out in the future. The system is designed to be flexible and allow for a lot of new features. Plugins are standalone and don’t hook directly into Sigil in term of UI changes. They’re mainly for advanced processing at this point.

Currently Python 2 and 3 are the only supported languages for Plugins. The system is designed to be able to add other languages in the future quite easily. The decision to focus on Python for this release is due to the amount of existing Python code for ebook manipulation that is currently available.

The beta versions of a couple plugins have already been posted over at MobileRead Forums. One is designed to add support for importing Kindle and Mobi ebooks, while the other cleans up punctuation.

Along with calibre (which added an Epub editor last December), Sigil is one of two open source and free to use Epub editors which are widely used in digital publishing.

Sigil can load html, an existing Epub file, or text. Users can edit the a book’s content and metadata, validate it, and then save it as an Epub file.

Sigil can be downloaded from Github.

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Rob Siders September 27, 2014 um 10:29 pm

I thought Calibre had taken over the Sigil project. Is this not the case?

Nate Hoffelder September 27, 2014 um 10:36 pm

Calibre was a parallel effort, I thought.

The Rodent September 28, 2014 um 5:37 pm

Sigil is a great tool that I use all the time. This new release is welcome, and shows that the project is quite alive.

[Software] Sigil 0.8.0 | Leituras Digitais September 29, 2014 um 6:08 am

[…] Via The Digital Reader. […]

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