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Simon & Schuster to Share Piracy Data With Authors

SS_corp_logo_wout_tag1_38928[1]Simon & Schuster announced today that authors will soon have access to new reports on S&S anti-piracy efforts.

This publisher has been a customer of the Attributor anti-piracy service since 2011, so naturally they have been receiving detailed reports on exactly what Attributor has been doing to earn its keep.

Carolyn Reidy, the CEO of  Simon & Schuster, sent out an email to S&S authors and agents today with the news that authors will soon have access to Attributor’s data through S&S Author Portal. The relevant part of the email is copied below.

The reports that you will see provide information about the number of infringements identified and takedown notices sent to infringing sites, success rates in removing infringements, the types of sites where infringement is occurring, the specific urls and geographic distribution of sites where unauthorized copies are offered and more.  (We expect that in the future we will expand upon the information currently available.) We have also provided a set of Frequently Asked Questions to increase your understanding of how piracy occurs and how we are combatting it. All the information we are providing is confidential and private, but please note that we are making the same information available to agents at the Simon & Schuster Agent Portal.

The email mentions an FAQ which explains how S&S is fighting piracy. I wonder if it also discusses the effectiveness of their efforts?

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