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Skoobe Expands Into Spain

With local services largely focused on a specific countries, Europe doesn’t have a  subscription ebook market nearly as competitive as that of the US. But that is slowly beginning to change.

Germany’s Skoobe announced today that it was expanding its ebook subscription service into Spain. Readers in that Iberian country can now sign up for Skoobe’s service and read ebooks on their Android or iDevice for as little as 10 euros per month.

With 65 thousand titles from 1200 publishers as well as indie authors, Skoobe doesn’t boast the largest catalog but it does carry ebooks in German, in English, and Portuguese. BuchReport reports that Skoobe also has 5,000 titles in Spanish from a number of publishers, including Anagrama, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, and Roca Editorial. I have no info on the titles available in Catalan or the other languages spoken in Spain.

skoobeLaunched in Germany in early 2012, Skoobe faces competition from Scribd and Kindle Unlimited in Germany, and in Spain it will have to compete with 24Symbols, Scribd again, and Skoobe will also have to compete against a corporate cousin.

As you may know, Skoobe is owned by Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH and Bertelsmann, 2 publishing and media conglomerates. Bertelsmann also owns Nubico, a subscription ebook service which launched in Spain in October 2013. As of July, Nubico had around 7,000 titles in its catalog. It charges 9 euros per month and also sells ebooks.

In the rest of Europe, Mofibo is focused on Denmark and Sweden, Bookmate is focused on Russia (but it also eyeing expanding into Scandinavia), and Legimi is doing its own thing in Poland. 24Symbols, on the other hand, is active in Spain and (outside of Europe) Guatemala. It also has a partnership with Beline, a Russian telecom, and plans to launch in Columbia soon, with France and Germany coming thereafter.

Aside from Skoobe, which has announced plans to expand further, and Bookmate, I have not heard of any rumors that the existing services in Europe plan to expand into additional countries.


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