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Smartbook Surfer really is the Augen Gentouch 78

You might recall from when I announced the Smartbook Surfer (a 7″ Android tablet) that I thought the Surfer looked a lot like the Augen Gentouch78 tablet. I just found an unboxing photo that confirmed my suspicion.

If you look at the image you’ll see that the back of the Surfer looks exactly the same as that of the Gentouch78. And if you click here, you 'll see more pictures of the Surfer being unboxed. Note that the ports and slots are all in the same place on each tablet.

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Mike Cane August 13, 2010 um 8:30 am

When Steve Paine tweeted the link to the unbox photos, that’s exactly what I told him — it’s the Gentouch with a different back. Now Germany can share the pain. Ha!

Nate the great August 13, 2010 um 9:01 am

He tweeted the links? I must have missed it.

Mike Cane August 13, 2010 um 1:44 pm

Yeah, yesterday or the day before.

cpg716 August 13, 2010 um 3:34 pm

Except this has the HDMI port still, and a Webcam… so base unit with extra features. I would have paid 50 more for those 2 alone.


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