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So I’ve moved to a new webhost …

After much thought, I have chosen a radical solution to the ongoing access issues my site has been suffering for the past few days.

I’ve moved The Digital Reader from 1And1 to MediaTemple. They have a decent reputation, don’t appear to engage in astroturfing or have fake spokespersons, and MediaTemple offers a $30 a month managed WordPress service. That last detail means they (hopefully) know more about WordPress than me.

But TBH the first reason I chose MediaTemple was that they offered a $150 service for having a tech move the site for me. Yes, I was that desperate, but luckily I didn’t have to pay the fee; MediaTemple’s automated functions moved the site just fine.

It only took 24 hours from setting up an account to getting the site moved over and fully operation on their servers. (And that includes 6 or 7 hours I spent sleeping, as well as waiting for tech support to tell me that they had an automated process for moving a WordPress site.)

Aside from 5 or 6 lost comments, I seriously doubt anyone will notice that I moved (or so I am hoping). This post is part of my testing the new site to make sure it works. Let’s see what happens.

P.S. Ask me in about 6 months what I think of MediaTemple. Today it is too early to say.

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Nate Hoffelder May 31, 2014 um 7:15 pm

testy test test

Dave Z May 31, 2014 um 7:43 pm

Feels much faster! Good luck!

Tyler May 31, 2014 um 7:43 pm

It may just be me but your site seemed to pop up faster than it did before.

Kevin May 31, 2014 um 8:09 pm

Yes, nothing spectacular, but I had the same feeling.

Jessica May 31, 2014 um 8:43 pm

MediaTemple is great if you can afford it. Wonderful customer service, great knowledge base of information, and a fantastic control panel.

Nate Hoffelder May 31, 2014 um 8:59 pm

Interesting. Some people are still being directed to the old servers.

Dave Z May 31, 2014 um 11:20 pm

DNS doesn’t universally propagate at the same rate or instantaneously. Some intermediaries and hosts don’t respond as fast as others. Also some computers or browsers could have cached the old location. For example, for my basement iMac I had to hit shift+refresh for the new site to come in (as I knew it was here, but the old location was remembered). It’ll mostly be sorted in a day or three.

john June 1, 2014 um 1:51 am

uh, duh, what?

dude, you’re the techie Nate needed days ago!

Nate Hoffelder June 1, 2014 um 7:39 am

He was helping days ago.

Charles Kravetz May 31, 2014 um 11:41 pm

Certainly seems much faster now. The page does not take near as long to show up as the old one did. I waited a minute or two for the page to draw last week, this one is within a few seconds.

Robert Nagle June 1, 2014 um 1:21 am

What’s the carbon footprint of your new web hosting service? Do they use 100% renewable power? (You might like my 2 part 2009 article about that subject: )

john June 1, 2014 um 1:52 am

sorry, but…."F that! dude has a blog ta run."

Nate Hoffelder June 1, 2014 um 2:32 pm

MediaTemple’s generators run on a biodiesel fuel which is made from the pureed eggs of Calif. condors.

Sturmund Drang June 1, 2014 um 8:52 pm


Okay, not a substantive remark, but sincere.

TheGreatFilter June 2, 2014 um 8:19 am

@Robert Nagle. Wow, you did some work there. Well done. A pity the blog owner dismisses it with a lame excuse for humor.

Andrew June 4, 2014 um 10:59 am

Insinuating the blog owner is responsible for global warming while promoting one’s own blog from five years ago is worthy of dismissal. Frankly, I’m tired of people using shaming as an alternative to leadership.

I am just as concerned about global warming as any other intelligent person, but I’d rather energy be focussed on the big problems (lack of alternatives to cars for daily commuters, reasonable alternatives for coal and gas) before they target bloggers.

The power required to host a web server and its backend storage is miniscule – each of use has a fridge and home using more power.

Nate Hoffelder June 4, 2014 um 11:37 am

Plus this is beyond my resources, hence the smart ass response. While I would be happy if my webhost went green, I can’t afford to base my decisions on that point.

Green energy is a luxury of the rich; I am a solitary blogger and I have to take the options I can afford.

john June 1, 2014 um 1:52 am

you go, girl!

fjtorres June 1, 2014 um 7:11 am

Definitely snappier.
The text looks way sharper and there’s even a whiff of fresh jasmine coming through. 😉
Looks like a winner right now.

skj June 1, 2014 um 9:33 am

Another test.

carmen webster buxton June 1, 2014 um 11:46 am

So, no matter how geeky you are, time is still a finite resource! Is the new host the reason I don’t see any share buttons under the title of the post?

Nate Hoffelder June 1, 2014 um 12:00 pm

Yep. those buttons disappeared in the move. I’m still trying to make them reappear.

Nate Hoffelder June 4, 2014 um 11:47 am

And the share buttons are back.

MizzBee June 1, 2014 um 12:04 pm

Mr. Nate, I still miss the puppy. Did the old web host give you a hard time leaving? Did it try to talk you into staying. Better yet, is a Soprano looking guy cruising your 'hood'. Remember, Uncle Carmine is still crazy. Have a nice week. MizzBee.

Nate Hoffelder June 1, 2014 um 1:04 pm

They don’t know that I have left yet. I thought that the safest way to depart was to vanish in the night.

MizzBee June 2, 2014 um 1:30 am

Hey Homes, I know 4 big guys with a MAC truck. They are reliable, you don’t believe me? Think about this, have you seen Jimmy Hoffa lately?

Nate Hoffelder June 2, 2014 um 6:03 am

I know those guys. They’re the ones that helped that one time I had a "fire".

DebbyS June 1, 2014 um 2:43 pm

Your site made it up here to Albuquerque just fine! Maybe it’s our low humidity [90F, 8%H, 12:42pm mountain time] making the electrons travel faster…

Mike Mazzaschi June 2, 2014 um 2:13 am

Bloglovin' is still using a frame to steal your clicks. There’s a WordPress plugin that will stop them.

Nate Hoffelder June 2, 2014 um 5:51 am

If they are showing the whole webpage then I don’t think it counts as stealing.

DAG June 2, 2014 um 9:46 am

I usually read on my tablet but since you moved it wont redirect me to the new webpage. I get an error message telling me there are too many redirects. I tried on firefox, crome and internet explorer. Can you tell me how to redirect the link so it will go thru.

Nate Hoffelder June 2, 2014 um 9:57 am

I would check to see if there’s an option for clearing the cache or browsing history. That should do it. I don’t know which tablet you are using so I can’t be more specific, sorry.

Name June 2, 2014 um 5:51 pm

I’m currently experiencing difficulties to load your site. Am only successful through some proxy right now. Everything used to work fine yesterday.

baochan June 4, 2014 um 4:46 pm

Your site isn’t showing up at all on mobile browsers (tried on Opera and Chrome for Android). Just showing a white screen. I thought the site was down for days until I tried on a desktop.

Nate Hoffelder June 4, 2014 um 5:05 pm

It’s working for me (both browsers). Strange.

LS June 4, 2014 um 8:24 pm

I couldn’t get on the site earlier this afternoon on mobile or desktop browsers. It’s working fine now though.

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