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Someone Animated These Old Book Covers , And They Look Amazing

For a period of time in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, abstract book covers dominated nonfiction publishing. This blogger had long believed that the covers were created under the influence of psychotropic drugs, and now thanks to the following video we can all see what the cover designers were seeing all those years ago.

A tip: you might want to turn the sound off. It gets incredibly annoying after about a minute.

P.S. Am I the only one who secretly wishes these covers were available as animated GIFs?


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Jason van Gumster November 19, 2015 um 3:39 pm

EPUB3 supports video and animation. Now if only reading devices did the same, animated covers could be a thing. Granted, there’s huge potential for abuse (see web advertising), but I’d love to look in my ebook library and see a set of elegant animated covers like these.

Claire November 21, 2015 um 3:37 pm

Ohhhh I’ll love it. I’ll have to rethink this and maybe we can find a way to add such ideas into our portfolio of 3d Ebook Cover Templates. I’ll tell you Nate if we found a way.

My Blog July 30, 2020 um 4:04 pm

[…] by Henning M. Lederer (see many more at the link), via The Digital Reader. […]

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