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Sony DPT-CP1 Features a 10.3″ E-ink Screen

This morning found me eagerly refreshing the FCC website, waiting for the embargo to be lifted on Sony’s new DPT-CP1, but now it turns out we don’t have to bother.

The new Sony digital paper that showed up on the FCC website last month is now listed on Sony’s site in Japan. It is a 10.3″ writing slate, just like the one that Sony was polling consumers about last year.

The Sony DPT-CP1 features a 10.3″ E-ink screen (resolution 1404 × 1872). Built by Taiwan OEM Netronix, this writing slate has a capacitive touchscreen with matching stylus. It runs Sony’s software on a Marvell IAP 140 quad-core CPU with 16GB internal storage, and can connect over Wifi, Bluetooth, or NFC.

Weighing in at 240 grams (almost as light as the Kindle Paperwhite), the CP1 measures 174.2 × 243.5 × 5.9 mm and has a battery life of about a month.

It only supports PDF, of course.

This device is in many ways a smaller copy of the Sony DPT-RP1; both devices have the same CPU, software features, and connectivity, but CP1 is missing at least one key detail: it doesn’t have the dual touchscreens found on the RP1.

That could mean this model will be significantly cheaper than the CP1 when it ships this summer.

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Javi April 16, 2018 um 11:47 am

240 grs. for 10,3″ is absolutely impressive.

Carmen Webster Buxton April 16, 2018 um 4:23 pm

I have a Kindle Voyage, and I wouldn’t mind a slightly bigger screen, but I wouldn’t want it to be 10″. I think that would be too big to hold one-handed.
But for a screen you can write and draw on, I can see where the size would be essential! It’s not like I can write in 12 point type.

Chris April 19, 2018 um 4:25 am

I’m guessing that the appearance of the device on Sony’s Japanese site first means it’s naturally going to be released in Japan first and then the US and EU. Unless this device is *really* competitively priced I think the new Boox devices, plus the ones they’ve announced will be displayed at an upcoming show in Tokyo, could really eat into Sony’s sales in the US and EU.

What’s the issue with these devices using a version of Android that’s so old? If this device uses 6.0 like the Boox devices, that version was released in 2016. I’ve read that it’s really hard to put a "skin" on Android that these devices can use. Does that difficulty significantly grow with the newer versions of Android and using 8.0 would cause significant delays while the programmers learn how to make 8.0 do what they need it to do?

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