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Sony DPT-RP1 Hacked, Now Runs Android 5.1, Doubles as a Monitor (video)

When Sony’s first 13.3″ writing slate was hacked in late 2015, the effort proved to be pointless because the DPT-S1 only ran Android 2.2.

The second-gen DPT-RP1 was recently hacked and proved to be much more useful. Reports are coming in from MobileRead that someone is selling hacked DPT-RP1 writing slates on Taobao. The seller says that this device runs Android 5.1 and user can install apps, two details which appear to be confirmed by the following video:

If you watch the video you will see, among other things, Total Commander file manager and an Android web browser.

Those are not features offered on the original DPT-RP1, nor can you use the stock unit as a monitor. And yet someone has posted a video on Bilibili showing the hacked RP1 doing just that. (I can’t embed the video, sorry.)

The hackers have also confirmed that the RP1 has a 2.4GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB RAM to go along with the high resolution screen (1650 x 2200). They have not, however, posted a copy of the hack so that RP1 owners could try it on their devices.

At the time hacked RP1s are only available from that one seller on Taobao (except I don’t think they’re selling it anymore) which is a shame because this hack more than doubles the value of the RP1.

The RP1 retails for $700 in the US. That’s a lot of money for a writing slate that only supported PDFs, but if you could access the Android OS then it would easily be worth buying.

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Isaac July 24, 2017 um 9:19 am

Why is it so hard to make a decent android powered eReader? 10-13in,high resolution, recent version of Android (probably with animations turned off), low power processor (like snapdragon 200). Basically just a normal tablet with an eink screen. Sure, as a niche product it’s going to be expensive. But I’ll buy one in an instant. The search continues…

dragon788 August 25, 2017 um 5:49 pm

Sadly they aren’t actually using it as a monitor, if you look below the Windows taskbar the X/gear/etc that you see are from TeamViewer (or another VERY similar remote view/control application).

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