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Sony Reader Store Launches New eBook Club

Sony might not have amounted to much in the ebook market but clearly someone there loves the idea.

The Sony Reader Store has just launched what they are calling the Sony Readers Book Club.

Each month the ebookstore (which no one shops at) will pick one current title which will then be discussed online at a virtual book club meeting. There are plans to have the authors participate in an an online chat which will take place on the Sony Reader Store’s  Facebook page and Twitter stream.

The book club will kick off in November with Daughter of Smoke & Boneby Laini Taylor. The ebook chose for December will be Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver.

To find out more, and to get the extras and discounts available to US members of the club, check out the Sony Reader Store website. Act fast and you might be able to get one of the  VIP memberships. 25 members will be chosen via a drawing to receive a free Sony Reader as well as the first 4 ebooks chosen for the ebook club.

via Sony

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Ingo Lembcke October 27, 2012 um 9:50 am

I said it before, I like the shop from Sony and shop there. The sort options are great. And I can search inside a search.
The software is bad, and that may be a big show-stopper, but now it is somewhat (not 100%) usable from any browser to buy books.
The reminders for authors (Author Notifications) are easy to set up and work great. Just checked, I have set up Notifications for 17 Authors currently from Beckett, Simon to Slaughter, Karin. I have bought a few books just because I got reminded of them being available, otherwise I would have bought them way later.
Comparing prices, most times Amazon is the cheapest, to be true. But if Sony has the same price and no other shop is cheaper, I make a point to buy at Sony – being that Amazon gets most of my money anyway (DVD/Blu-ray and lots of other stuff).

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