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Sony Reader Wifi now $129 (From Sony)

 I’ve just checked the Sony US website, and right now you can order Sony’s newest ebook reader, the Sony Reader Wifi, for only $129. That’s $20 off the original retail,and I’m truly surprised to see this price drop just a couple months after this ereader started shipping.

You’ll need to add it to your cart to see the price, but it’s there.

Update: The new lower price is now showing at Best Buy and on (via MobileRead)

This is either a highly unlikely coincidence or Sony appear to have responded pretty quickly to the leaks on Thursday about the new Nook prices. The new Nook looks to be priced at $99, but that might be a little too low for Sony.

Unlike my competition, I like my hacked Sony Reader Wifi. It’s both one of my favorite ebook readers as well as a favorite Android tablet. It’s not the best tablet in its price range, but hacking it to reveal the underlying Android adds enough useful features that I think this is easily the best premium ereader on the market.

Assuming this price sticks around, we’re going to see the K4 selling for $109 , the Nook Touch selling for $99, and the Sony Reader Wifi for $129. Given how much more the Sony Reader Wifi can do than the K4, I’d definitely go for the Sony.

But you might want the Nook Touch, which has also been hacked and is going to sell for $99. I’m still sticking with the Sony because I like the physical buttons and the overall design. The Nook Touch feels like a toy while the Sony Reader wifi feels like a tablet.

On a related note, I’m going to be at the Nook event tomorrow morning and I plan to liveblog the launch of the new Nook Tablet. You’ll get the already leaked news live, as well as any details that B&N haven’t already let slip (3G permitting).


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Sergey November 7, 2011 um 3:31 am

Design nook seems to me much better. I’d take it!

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