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Sourcebooks Reports Ebooks Now 28% of Revenue

The ebook market continues to see explosive growth in 2011, and now indie publisher Sourcebooks is sharing their good news.

Revenues were up 11% in 2011 over 2012, and a lot of that growth was due to ebooks. Ebook sales increased by a factor of 8 in 2011, and they now account for 28% of Sourcebooks  revenue.

Print sales also increased, and that’s amazing considering that the AAP has repeatedly reported that the publishing industry as a whole is down in terms of revenue.

But that’s not the most interesting data.  Sourcebooks also reported that sales via the Nook store also increased over Christmas, and in fact the Nook sales grew far more than the market as a whole. Clearly those annoying emails I reported on before Christmas had a positive effect on revenues.

BTW, I now that I’ve said stuff like this in the past, but the Nook growth that Sourcebooks saw over Christmas would not have been possible if this publisher had chosen to sign up with KDP Select. The above stats are a practical example of why exclusivity is rarely  good idea.


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