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Rumors Say That the iPad Mini Event Will Involve iBooks, iBooks Author

Apple rumors are so common that they almost aren’t worth noting. But every so often a rumor will be independently confirmed by my magic 8-ball and by my tea leaves,  and when that happens it’s definitely one worth repeating.

Earlier today I reported on the rumor that the next predicted Apple even was going to occur on 23 October. I don’t really believe that rumor all that much, given that the last one fell through, but I repeated it mostly for my own interest.

But this rumor is another matter.

According to The Next Web, the iPad Mini event will have something to do with iBooks. This blog has sources who has told them that:

In what will likely be completely unsurprising news to many, we’ve now heard from multiple sources that Apple’s as-yet-unannounced iPad mini event will have a strong focus on iBooks. Since an iPad mini would likely be squarely aimed at those who wish to partake of media on their tablets, that would make a lot of sense.

Now, I rarely believe rumors, and for a lot of them I merely repeat them as gossip. This definitely falls in that category. While it is entirely possible that iBooks could get a refresh, I just don’t see that being big enough to be the highpoint of the event. Sure iBooks will run on the smaller iPad, but so will iOS 6, Apple Maps (ghod help us), and all of Apple’s other apps.

About the only way that I can see iBooks being important is if Apple tries to position the iPad Mini as "the ideal textbook platform", the one with "the more ideal screen size" for classrooms. One problem with this is that Apple is already making head roads into classrooms with the iPad 2. That is selling nicely at the $400 price point, and I’ve been wondering if it might be about to be replaced with its smaller brethren. My tea leaves aren’t indicating one way or the other, but it could happen.

In any case, I need to go now. The seance starts in about 20 minutes.  With luck I should be able to report back tomorrow with Steve Jobs' opinion on the iPad Mini.

via The Next Web

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Isles October 13, 2012 um 9:28 am

I consulted my ouija board on this matter, and the spirit of Steve Jobs came through to consult. He warns that bloggers who incautiously sling around Mac rumors are taking Apple’s name in vain, and that anyone who does so without independently confirming their sources will be "as the salt of the earth." He is grateful for the support of honest bloggers, like Nate Hoffelder, who "separate the wheat from the chaff" and provide their readers with honest and experienced market evaluations. 😉

Tim Gray October 13, 2012 um 6:25 pm

When I was trying to think what angle I’d take with it if I were Apple, what particular stuff I’d push, the only thing I came up with was reading. So maybe the device could have some optimisations for books and other media, coupled with a PR push reminding everyone that Amazon isn’t the only ebookstore out there.

SteveH October 14, 2012 um 12:29 pm

Maybe something like…
"iPad P.M." – for evening reading, lighter to hold in bed/balance on your chest.
"iPad Mini – travel edition" – More convienient on planes/trains.

Nate Hoffelder October 14, 2012 um 1:49 pm

How about the iSuppository? It’s for when the iPad is simply too big for comfort.

Dan October 15, 2012 um 1:25 pm

The day is young, but this has definitely made my day.

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