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Stanford Ushers In The Age Of Bookless Libraries

3836154332_b98c27177b_oThere was a piece this morning on NPR about Stanford University’s move away from a physical collection. This is actually old news (I covered it back in May), but it’s interesting.

The periodical shelves at Stanford University’s Engineering Library are nearly bare. Library chief Helen Josephine says that in the past five years, most engineering periodicals have been moved online, making their print versions pretty obsolete — and books aren’t doing much better.


This is a growing trend for libraries. Most have stopped trying to build their own collection, and instead they join consortiums and share the physical content across multiple schools. Digital content  is now more heavily used than physical, so having a copy on hand isn’t nearly as important as it was 20 years ago.

image by Hugo Pardo Kuklinski

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