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Streetlib Now Distributes to Kobo Plus

Streetlib announced on Friday that it was now distributing to Kobo’s subscription ebook service, Kobo Plus.

Launched in February in the low countries, Kobo Plus is Kobo’s answer to Kindle Unlimited. Readers pay a flat rate, and authors are paid out of a pool of money.

Authors who want to put their books in Kobo Plus have to use either Kobo Writing Life or Draft2Digital. Now they have a third option, StreeLib.


We are very pleased to announce that, from June 1st, our catalog available on Kobo will also be available on their brand-new subscription service: Kobo Plus!

Kobo Plus is currently only available in the Netherlands. However, given Kobo’s international reach, more countries are sure to be added soon.

This is a fantastic opportunity to reach a whole new audience — and maybe the push you need to get your books translated? As the demand for subscription services continues to grow and transform the entertainment sector, make sure you do not miss out!

When it comes to Kobo Plus, Streetlib is operating under an opt-out principle. Any titles in Streetlib’s catalog that are currently distributed to Kobo will be automatically added to Kobo Plus.

Authors who want to keep their books out of Kobo Plus will need to opt out by the 28th.

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Frank May 19, 2017 um 3:18 pm

You are missing a "w" in "…it was no distributing…"

Mark Williams – The International Indie Author May 20, 2017 um 7:47 am

StreetLib shares the same T&Cs as Kobo Writing Life – a six month lock in and thirty days notice to pull out.

Draft2Digital has a different deal with Kobo with shorter lock in and shorter notice required to withdraw.

But as D2D doesn’t mention lock-in or notice on its author-facing site many indies are going to sign up for KoboPlus not realise there is a lock-in and delayed exit, then opt out of Kobo to jump in Select and find they are still in KoboPlus and in trouble with Amazon.

We need some clarification from Draft2Digital on what the real deal is for D2D-KoboPlus authors, and we need some consistency from Kobo.

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