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Survey Shows Swedish Pirates More Likely to Pay for Content

168256059_79b31d08c7_oPirates are often the most ardent fans who are widely viewed as the best customers, and now we have another survey to back that up.

TorrentFreak has the story on a new report from the The Internet Foundation In Sweden (IIS). Titled "Swedes and the Internet", the report draws on an annual survey which asks Swede about their tech habits, gadget ownership, etc.

The survey found that 93% of all Swedes have internet access, an increase of 1 percentage point since last year. Four out of five use the Internet daily, spending an average of 21 hours per week online. More than 8 of those hours are spent on a smartphone, an increase of half an hour since last year’s survey.

And if 21 hours a week sounds like a lot, you’re not the only one to feel that way. Almost half (46%) of the respondents aged 16-25 think they spend too much time online.

When it comes to gadget ownership, 92% of respondents own a computer, 77% own a smartphone and 59% own a tablet. Senior citizens were less likely to own a tablet (35%), or a smartphone (48%). Conversely, families with kids owned an average of 1.9 tablets. In families with children aged 7-11 years, two out of three (67%) owned two tablets or more, and 14% possessed four or more tablets.

More respondents reported watching film and video content online this year than last (70% vs 52% in 2014). The number of paying customers also increased (40% vs 14% in last year’s survey).

Music remained popular, with 77% listening to music online and about two-thirds that number paying for the privilege (54%, up from 38% in 2014).

With all those gadget and all that time spent online, you can bet that some people are pirates (although the number is dropping). Only 18% of the respondents to this year’s survey said they shared files online, down from 19% last year and 22% in 2013. The decrease was largest among the younger age group (12-25 years), while rate of piracy in the age group 36-45 remained unchanged.

The survey also found that the pirates were more likely to pay for music subscription (58% vs 39%) or pay for movies online (46% vs 24%).

There was no specific data on ebook piracy, however, just the detail that 15% of respondents read ebooks. An average of 3.2 hours were spent reading paper books each week, compared to 0.3 hours spent reading ebooks. The most popular reading device were tablets.

IIS via TorrentFreak

image by m.a.r.c.

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