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SwarmIQ Launches Premium Service, Now Boasts 10k Users of Its News Reader Service

swarmiq_logo[1]In the post Google Reader world, Feedly gets most of the attention from the media (and from extortionists, sadly), but they are far from the only news reader service out there. One of Feedly’s smaller competitors, SwarmIQ, launched a premium service last month (it only just now crossed my desk).

SwarmIQ was one of many news reader services that toiled in the shadow of Google Reader, but really only started getting attention in the wake of Google announcing the closure of Google Reader in March 2013. Describing itself as an "intelligent personalized RSS reader", SwarmIQ was launched with the goal of helping users solve the information overload problem by providing users with a set of monitoring, filtering, and notification tools to manage all the content coming at them through their feeds.

While SwarmIQ’s free users can follow up to 200 RSS feeds, for $5 a month (or $45 a year) readers can follow an unlimited number of feeds. Paying users also get the option of full-text search for the titles and articles that the user is following or has favorited, keyword-based filters for sorting and keeping an eye on specific topics, email alerts, and additional  sharing/saving options that free users can’t access (including Twitter, Evernote, Pocket, and Instapaper).

The service currently boasts 10,000 users (in comparison, Feedly has 15 million users, including 24,000 paying users). It offers a browser-based reader with a customizable user interface, but no mobile apps.

The service was unimpressive when I tried it last August, and as I use it again today I can see that much has changed but I still don’t find it usable.

Do you use SwarmIQ? What do you think of it?

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