Pocketbook Inkpad

Pocketbook Inkpad 840 eReader Updated

1 November, 2015 // 4 Comments

Pocketbook's 8" Inkpad ereader was one of the high points of 2014 when it was released late last year. This is a great ereader but it never sold well nor has it gotten much support from Pocketbook. A [Read More ...]

Review: Pocketbook InkPad 840

29 November, 2014 // 68 Comments

Pocketbook's new 8" ereader has been delayed so often that it is a solid runner up for that title, but it has proven to be worth it. I've had my InkPad for a couple weeks now, and it has proven to be [Read More ...]

Pocketbook InkPad Overview: Apps

23 November, 2014 // 9 Comments

Long before Android became common on tablets, much less started showing up on ereaders, Pocketbook had quietly made a name for itself by supporting a framework of 3rd-party apps on its ereaders. That [Read More ...]
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