How to Read on Android Wear

31 January, 2016 // 5 Comments

Last night's post on the PDF-reading app for your smartwatch got me thinking about the general difficulty in finding information about reading on smartwatches. Sure, there's the single post here or [Read More ...]

Are Readers Really That Conservative?

27 January, 2016 // 7 Comments

A few days ago Livemint published a long interview of John Makinson, the chair of Penguin Random House (he was also the head of Penguin when it engaged in the price-fixing conspiracy in 2010). [Read More ...]

Explainer: What is Fanfiction?

7 October, 2015 // 0 Comments

Consider yourself a stranger to fanfiction? It’s unlikely. If you’ve read E.L. James' 50 Shades of Grey (2011) then you already have at least one title under your belt. If you caught Robert [Read More ...]

Hooked is a New Take on Flash Fiction

17 September, 2015 // 3 Comments

Our next example of techies trying to fix that which is not broken by inventing that which already exists is Hooked, a new iPhone app from Telepathic (also available for Apple's Apple Watch). [Read More ...]
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