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Telecom Italia unveiled their ebookstore

Telecom Italia supposedly announced their ebookstore today, but I’m having trouble getting specific details like number of titles, ereader price and availability, and format support.

Right now it appears to be in a private beta at a festival, Festivaletteratura 2010. They’re using Wifi devices at the festival, but according to their website they will be selling 3G equipped ereaders when the store is officially launched.

In case you were wondering, yes the ereader pictured is the same hardware as the Thalia Oyo.

Update: New reports indicate that Sagem will be providing the ereader for Telecom Italia. I’ve covered them before (and I even have a video of their ereader).

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cushla mawston June 19, 2011 um 1:34 am

please can i have some idepth information about the ebook, i saw it in Dick smith and was impressed with it. i would like to know if the offer includes free books, such as the ones in whitcouls and the kindle. i am also told that it has android – in comparison to the i pad what difference you will be aware of its selling commodities – can you share them with me.

cushla mawston

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