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teXet to Launch a Frontlight-Equipped eReader in Russia

texet TB-416FLThe Russian gadget maker teXet unveiled their latest ereader earlier this week and it is a curious mix of new and old.

The TB-416FL is reportedly a new upgraded version of the TB-416, teXet’s budget model. The new model has a frontlight on the 6″ screen but is still lacking other obvious improvements like a touchscreen, Wifi, or an HD screen.

This ereader is equipped with the 6″ Pearl E-ink screen that most US ereader makers have long since stopped using on their front line models. This venerable screen has a resolution of 800×600, which as any owner of a Nook, Kobo, or Kindle Touch can tell you is more than adequate to let you read ebooks.

texet TB-416FL

The frontlight has 8 brightness levels, from off to full power. Illumination is carried out by a special plate with eight LEDs mounted around the screen. There’s no estimate on how the frontlight affects battery life but with the light off this ereader is specced to offer a battery life of more than 9000 page turns.


This is a budget ereader so it doesn’t support audio, but the TB-416FL does support common (and uncommon) ebook formats like FB2, EPub, PDF, PDB, Mobi, CHM,, and DJVU. It can also read a number of office doc and other formats like RTF, DOC, txt, and html.

In terms of software the TB-416FL lets readers change the font size, save and delete bookmarks, rotate text, and reflow PDFs. There is also a Clock, Calendar, and file manger.

texet TB-416FL

The TB-416FL has 4GB of storage, a microSD card slot,a g-sensor, and is available now with a retail of 3990 rubles (~$123 USD).


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