The 36 Best Blogs on the Business of Writing

The 36 Best Blogs on the Business of Writing

There are a million things that authors and writers have to do to make a living in 2017, and it is hard to figure out what needs to be done, much less how to do it.

Fortunately, there are many sites where authors can find advice from both experts and fellow writers.

The following list covers just sites that delve into the art, craft, and business of writing. It does not include sites where you can sell your works such as Amazon, podcasts, or blogs run by distributors like LeanPub, which I will include on a different list.

First up are sixteen fifteen of the sites I read regularly, and then the second half of the list are a score of sites that come highly recommended but I don't know well enough to give a personal opinion.

  1. Writer Beware - Victoria Strauss's blog is the site to follow if you want to protect yourself from scams and dodgy operators.
  2. The Book Designer - Joel Friedlander uses his experience in advertising ,book design, and graphic design to help authors get published and promote their books. Along with his vast blog archive, check out his book design templates and Book Launch Toolkit.
  3. Just Publishing Advice - Derek Haines is on a mission to help authors navigate the shoals of self-publishing with ideas, advice, and opinions.
  4. Dean Wesley Smith - Dean is a veteran author who teaches many courses ranging from book cover design to writing. He also blogs.
  5. The Passive Voice - Run by a practicing contract attorney, TPV aggregates the important news of the day and gives you insightful commentary.
  6. Kris Writes - Kristine Rusch wrote the book on self-publishing - literally. Her weekly blog posts are seminars on various aspects of the business of being an author in 2017.
  7. Writing With Color - If you are concerned about avoiding ethnic or other stereotypes, WWC can help. You can submit a request, explain what you're working on, and they will tell you how to sidestep the pitfalls of writing complex characters.
  8. Nathan Bransford - As a former literary agent, Bransford offers a unique industry insider perspective on the latest trends.
  9. The Creative Penn - Joanna Penn's weekly podcast, and frequent guest posts provide a wealth of information on self-publishing and platform-building.
  10. Joe Konrath - Joe is a self-published author who is never lacking in opinions on the state of the publishing industry. He has, alas, been publishing fewer blog posts of late, but each one is worth reading.
  11. Jane Friedman - Jane Friedman calls on her more than 15 years in the industry to guide authors through the rapids where publishing and authorship intersect in the digital age.
  12. Ask the Agent - Andy Ross is an active book agent and periodically authors, agents, and publishers.
  13. Writer Unboxed - This blog began as a collaboration between aspiring novelists Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton in January, 2006. It publishes daily posts from contributors ranging from the not-yet-published to bestselling authors and industry leaders.
  14. Writers Weekly - Angela Hoy's blog focuses strictly on the business of writing, and how writers and authors can make more money from their work.
  15. Anne R Allen -Publishing industry survivors Ruth Harris and Anne R. Allen help newer writers avoid the pitfalls of an ever-more complex business so they can create their best possible work and launch it successfully into the marketplace.

And here's the second list. If you read one of these sites on a regular basis, can you let us know in the comments?

  1. Helping Writers Become Authors
  2. Psych Writer
  3. Make a Living Writing
  4. Nicole Bianchi
  5. Off the Beaten Shelf
  6. The Write Life
  7. Write to Done
  8. Writers Write
  9. Write Good Books
  10. Pages and Pens
  11. See Jane Write
  12. Publish a Profitable Book
  13. The Write Conversation
  14. Pro Writing Aid
  15. Writers Helping Writers
  16. Writerology
  17. Writers in the Storm
  18. Writers Workshop
  19. Kill Zone
  20. Terrible Minds

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  2. Anne R. Allen1 December, 2018

    Thanks much for including Ruth Harris and me, Nate! I love your term “publishing industry survivors.” That’s what we are. And we teach new writers to survive, too. As far as your second list, I love Writers on the Storm, Writers Helping Writers, Helping Writers Become Authors, Kill Zone, and Terrible Minds (although I always give a “strong language” caution when I share Chuck’s bon mots with our readers.)


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