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The Atlantic to Hold Technology in Education Conference Next Month

The Atlantic, parent of the magazine The Atlantic Monthly, is going to be holding a 1 day conference in DC on 22 May.

The focus of the conference will be Technology in Education, and they’ve already lined up speakers from a number of universities as well as PBS, AMD, and more.

The agenda for the conference has not been posted yet, but I am hoping it will cover a broader range of topics than last year.

This is their second annual conference, and the one I attended last year didn’t quite match up with the title. It would have been better to have called it a Games in Education conference, not tech, because the focus truly was that narrow.

While I have no problem with games as educational tools, I don’t want to write about them. I was also disappointed with last year’s conference because I learned almost nothing about the technology used in education. That was a waste of both time and money.

But I have registered for the upcoming conference, just in case it is worth attending. You can find out more here.

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