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The Dorchester Piracy Continues! Join the Boycott!

I wrote a post about Dorchester about 4 months ago, where I was joining in the protest over their ongoing piracy. Well, they’re still at it.

Brian Keene, an author who used to work with Dorchester, is reporting over on his blog that Dorchester are currently pirating his novels. His contract with Dorchester ended with the new year, so it is quite obvious that this is piracy.

He has asked them to stop selling his ebooks any number of times, and Dorchester continue to put the ebooks back in the Kindle Store, B&N, and other ebookstores.

This cannot be tolerated. Will you join the Dorchester boycott?

*If you follow them on Twitter, please unfollow them.

*If you like them on Facebook, please unlike them.

*If you receive their marketing emails, please remove yourself from their list.

*If you belong to one of their book clubs, please consider canceling your membership.

*If you are considering publishing with them, please reconsider.

*Most importantly, please don’t buy their books, regardless of whether it’s on their website, in the $1.99 dump bin at Wal-Mart, or available on the Kindle. If you aren’t sure how to identify a Dorchester book, check the spine. It should say Leisure Fiction or Dorchester Publishing. If you aren’t sure how to identify a Dorchester ebook, here is an example: If you scroll down, you’ll see that this Kindle edition of J.F. Gonzalez’s Shapeshifter lists “Leisure Books” as the publisher (later today, J.F. will also be asking his readers to boycott Dorchester editions of his work, and he gave me permission to use this Kindle edition as an example).

image by Jeff Hester

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