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The Illustrated Section are now open

Mike Cane just tipped me to a new indie ebookstore today. The Illustrated Section just opened yesterday and it is truly an independent store. All the titles being sold in the store come direct from the artists.

The Illustrated Section specializes in comics, graphic novels and picture books, which meas it only has to offer the only format: PDF (DRM-free). That makes a lot of sense. These are comics; PDF isn’t the best format but it is the only one that everyone will be able to use. Prices range from Free to $9.99.

If you like comics, then you might want to look at this store. I’ve downloaded a couple freebies.¬† I had to register an account (bleh), but I didn’t have to give a credit card number¬† (or any valid info, actually). Download was fast and the PDF validated. They also look okay.

The Illustrated Section

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