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The Kindle is coming to New Zealand & Australian retailers

There’s an Australian company by the name of Woolwoorths who own a number of different retail chains down under, and they don’t do things by halves. Starting later this month 4 different retail chains (Woolworths, Dick Smith, Big W and Countdown ) in New Zealand and Australia will be carrying the Kindle.

Depending on which figures you use, that is anywhere between 1300 and 1600 retail locations (including an electronics stores, 2 supermarket chains, and a big box retailer). That’s a sizable presence.  The Kindles are priced a little more expensively than in the US ($219 & $159 AUD ), and all stores will be carrying both models along with a selection of accessories. The models are up for pre-order now and they’re due to ship on 29 August 2011.

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burger flipper August 5, 2011 um 11:51 am

all these new sellers (Toys R Us, stateside) make me wonder if the K4 really is coming soon. Why stick retail partners with old models they’ll have to discount instead of waiting until October and partnering up starting with all the hoopla from a new Kindle launch.

fjtorres August 5, 2011 um 1:53 pm

A reasonable thought.
Just bear in mind that there is no reason why a K4 intro must mean the end of the K3.
The size of the Kindle market is big enough to support multiple models.
So a K4 could easily slip in at $139/179 while the existing models stay as KSOs at $99/129 or ad-free at $119/149. Especially if the K4s ship with touch and no keyboard.
They may be a year old, but K3s are still as good as anything out there.
(So says Consumer Reports. 😉 )

Benjamin Ady August 5, 2011 um 9:54 pm

Of course the kindle has been available online to Aus and NZ residents for quite a while now.

Several months ago, a funny thing happened with regards to us Kindle users down under. It used to be that lots of ebooks were unavailable to buy for kindle users who told Amazon they were physically located down under, and so in order to buy them you’d have to go into your amazon account settings and change your physical address to some U.S. address. Several months ago, however, I noticed that Amazon quite suddenly made the whole thing a lot easier–on the same screen where they told you "sorry, this ebook is not available to Australian readers", right next to that message there’s a button that says "Change location now?". Clicking on the button brings up a menu of nations and you simply choose one, and then go on to buy the book. Pretty funny.

Nate Hoffelder August 5, 2011 um 9:59 pm

Huh. That is funny.

Kindle NZ December 24, 2011 um 6:13 am

Dick smith is the official local retailer of Kindle in New Zealand but buy directedly from is cheaper right?

Tash December 27, 2011 um 7:30 pm

Not that I have found. Once you add in all the taxes etc they work out to be about the same 🙁

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