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The Que might be dead, but Plastic Logic is hiring

You might recall the PlasticLogic Que from when it was launched at CES 2010. You probably also recall when it was cancelled in August 2010 (it was the iPad’s first victim). Well, PlasticLogic clearly didn’t die with their ereader.

They’re currently trying to fill 50 positions at 3 locations. The Cambridge, UK location is hiring 10 people, and there are 17 vacancies in Dresden and more than 20 in their new Russian development facility. There’s a notable absence of job listings for the Calif. based HQ, though.

This hiring push comes about 7 months after PL received a capital investment from RUSNANO, and it’s likely a sign that PlasticLogic are gearing up for production.

No details have been released about the new model, and at this point it’s not even clear that it will be an ebook reader. PlasticLogic is one of the leading innovators in plastic backed electronics, so I’m betting that whatever they come up with will surprise us.


via Business Weekly

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