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The SummHarry infographic

I’ve just encountered the biggest infographic I’ve ever seen. Lucy Knisley has just posted a 27MB jpeg image over at the Burrow’s Studio Blog. She’s calling it the SummHarry, and it is a cartoon-style summary of all 7 Harry Potter novels.

Luckily you can get the individual summaries, too, because the complete SummHarry is unwieldy. (But still very cool.) You can find links to the  infographics here. You might want to get them soon; they will be taken down at some point.

For a limited time, I’m offering free downloads of large-format printable versions of all 9 comics, for your own use, and to print a copy for your pleasure at home/at a print shop. Barring stumbling into me in person and asking if I have a bunch of leftover copies (which I do), this will be the only way you can get print versions of these. Please PLEASE don’t use these large-format images in any commercial way (IE: printing them in your publication without my permission, selling posters or t-shirts or lunchboxes using any part or the whole of them).


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