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The WordToEpub App Lets You Make Epub 3 eBooks in Windows

I am a big fan of tools that let you make ebooks (fun fact: none of Amazon’s Kindle creation tools qualify). I in fact have a post on ebook tools, and I am shortly going to be adding to it now that I have heard about the WordToEpub app from the Daisy consortium.

This is a Windows app that you can use to make an Epub 3 ebook. It is not a Word extension, but unfortunately it still requires MSWord in order to function.

I twice tried running the app even though I don’t have MSWord, and it crashed,  both times. This is a shame because it means I can’t use it to convert docs made by Libre Office or another office app.

You can download the app from the Daisy website.

I tested the app, and aside from some initial fussiness (it refused to accept a Word doc that had no headings) it started out okay. I fed it a Word doc, and then in the next menu it gave me the option of setting the metadata.

Then I clicked the okay button, and everything went down hill. The app tried to open MSWord, couldn’t find it, and had a nervous breakdown.

I would like to tell you more about how the app works or what the Epub looks like, but there is no Epub because the app didn’t work.

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Hutch April 15, 2020 um 6:35 pm

From their documentation page , "Getting Started":

To use WordToEPUB will will need:

– Windows 7, 8 or 10 (earlier versions may work but are untested)
– Word 2010 or newer (earlier versions may also work)

Xavier Basora April 17, 2020 um 10:42 pm


Interesting but useless as it doesn’t work.

Why can’t programmers wrap their head around not everyone uses Word? I still use Wordperfect:others Libre office. So why’s it such a hassle to program for a wide variety of word processors?


Jeremy Lynton April 18, 2020 um 7:28 am

If word does it, it will probably result in huge files, with M$ garbled CSS and HTML!

Disgusting Dude April 18, 2020 um 7:27 pm

Everybody odds use Word but a lot do.
Probably even most, if you count pirates.
And word didn’t have an Epub3 export. Libre and Softmaker do. Use theirs and let Word users have a toy of tgeir own.

Feyisetan SALAU October 13, 2020 um 8:16 am

I tried the WordtoEPUB app on my Word 2010, Windows 10, but the app did not work – it did not load at all, even after restarting my laptop.
Is there anyone who has experienced something similar and can help out, please? I look forward to receiving a reply, please.
Thank you.

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