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There’s a $1,500 E-ink Shelf Label Kit on Amazon

91ldyv0tvfl-_sl1500_For the past several years E-ink has been making screens for use in electronic shelf labels, and now is your chance to get the home version. A third-party seller is now offering a kit on which includes 5 E-ink shelf labels and all the hardware required to program and update the labels.

This includes a handheld which can reprogram a the shelf label it is being pointed at, and a wireless base station which can update any of the E-ink shelf labels in range (you’ll also need a computer for this).

The 5 E-ink shelf labels include two 2.1″ black/white lables and three 2.9″ three-color (red, black, white) Spectra E-ink labels. You can also buy extra labels for $15 and $20, respectively.

Basically this kit was designed for a lazy retailer  with a very, very small stocklist who doesn’t want to be bothered with replacing shelf labels, or one who wants to experiment with electronic shelf labels without making a huge investment.

Given that I have seen no such labels in the wild (and read about only a handful of stores using them) it is unlikely that such an experiment will get beyond the testing phase.


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