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This netbook thinks it’s a phone

This new 10″ tablet convertible showed up in China last week. It’s an example of how Shanzhai is moving beyond cloning into doing mashups that result in novel new products.

This pretty thing is running on a 1.66Ghz Atom CPU with a 10″ (1026×600) screen, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, a ‘red cap’ trackpoint, HDMI out, a SD card slot, and  3 USB ports. Do you see the dot to the side of the screen? It’s an optical mouse, which suggests that this isn’t a touch screen.

There’s no word on availability or the OS version, but the price is supposed to be around 1600 Yuan (about $243 USD).

I really hope this has a touchscreen.  I couldn’t imagine buying a 10″ tablet that didn’t have one. What a waste.

via ShanzhaiBen

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monopole March 8, 2011 um 2:35 pm

Shanzhai and Taiwan is where the interesting action is. Unlike the US companies who are desperately trying to make "iPad killers" at price points in the same range as Apple, Shanzhai and Taiwan producers understand low-end disruption strategies. The Chinese markets are full of different designs, form factors, price points, and tradeoffs. Most will fail but the surviving designs will prove to be serious contenders.

Olympia Press March 9, 2011 um 7:48 am

Liked it, until I saw the old-school ThinkPad track ball. (Speaking of days help-desking.) Didn’t see that at Xujiawei, but I may not have been in the right building this time.

Tried to look for it, but there’s a company called "Oppo" which also has an ebook reader to compete with Hanvon model.

Hi from Nanchang, can’t access Twitter, Facebook or Google news, so am glad to see your site!

Michael March 14, 2011 um 5:52 pm

Nice to see the ol' Thinkpad nipple mouse resurrected! That’s the only thing I miss from my long-retired 600X. I loved being able to move the pointer without my fingers leaving the home row.

gaiusgracchus July 30, 2011 um 5:24 pm

Michael – you got that right. People are initially put off by the track point, but once they learn to use it they are hooked. Like me.

I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would choose to have to move their hands back and forth to type and mouse! Nuts.

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