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Time Magazine now offering combined print/digital subscriptions

TIME announced today that they were in the process of launching a new "All Access" subscription plan.

New subscribers will have the option of paying $30 a year for 56 print issues, and with those issues they’ll get full access to all digital content on the web or through any of TIME's apps on iOS, Android. The same offer will be open to current print subscribers on Thursday. Curiously enough, TIME also offer a $5 single time access (it lasts a week) as well as a recurring subscription for $3 a month for a print/digital combo. That $5 is a little punitive, wouldn’t you say?

Since they’re back to charging for digital, they’ll also put the paywall back up on the website. No skin off my nose; I stopped visiting their website when they erected the paywall last year. I’m not sure when it came down again, but the new paywall will affect this week’s issue and all future content.

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