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Tips for New eReader and Tablet Owners

5953114412_215cd7d29d_bThe wrapping paper has been bagged up, the dairy-free, sugar-free eggnog has been drunk, the sacrificial micro-drones have been fed to the fire, and the annoying in-laws have been suitably tranquilized.

So now is the time to get started with your new gadget. Here are a few links that can help you get set up, find and load content, manage your ebook library, and (if you want) strip the DRM.

How to Get Set Up

Where to Find Content

And What to Do After You Have It

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Void December 27, 2015 um 11:06 pm

Are there any e-readers currently made that have both physical buttons (or equivalent) and the ability to manage collections/shelves/sets from your computer (via Calibre or other software)? I have been hanging onto my PRS-350 for years waiting for another e-reader with these 2 features, and it’s not going to last much longer.

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