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Tolino Alliance Adds Two German Booksellers to its Ranks

Amazon’s ebook competition in Germany consolidated its ranks today.

Boersenblatt and report that two regional German booksellers, Osiander and Mayersche, have joined the Tolino consortium. Both retailers plan to adapt their existing ebookstores to the Tolino platform, and they will soon start selling Tolino ereaders and tablets in place of the Pocketbook ereaders they currently carry.

With around 80 stores between them, these are not the largest booksellers in Germany, but adding them to Tolino means that the it is now supported by 1,800 of the bookstores in Germany, out of 6,000.

This will slightly expand the 45% market share that Tolino claimed last November, although I am not sure whether we should celebrate. This is not growth so much as consolidation; in other words we have the same number of players and pieces in the German ebook market, only now they’ve been grouped differently.

Tolino has always been concentrated in Germany, where it got its start in 2013 as a coalition of 4 retailers and Deutsche Telecom. It also has a foothold in Italy and the Netherlands, where it counts, Standaard Boekhandel, and Libri as partners.

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