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Tomorrow’s the Last Day to Voluntarily Download Windows Ten for Free (Future Downloads Will be Involuntary)

20203322340_aee09309c2_hThe Verge reminds us that 29 July is the last day to voluntarily download Windows X for free.

Microsoft released Windows 10 almost a year ago on July 29th, 2015. The software maker has offered its latest OS to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users as a free upgrade for the past year, but that offer is about to run out. You only have one day left to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you’re currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. After July 29th, Microsoft will start charging $119 for upgrades to Windows 10, and if you upgrade during the free period you’ll also get the Anniversary Update (launching August 2nd) free of charge.

They say that MS will start charging for WinX upgrades after tomorrow, but somehow I doubt it.

Microsoft has recommended, advertised, and used harassing popups to get people to upgrade, and they have even used outright deception to trick people into upgrading to WinX.

After all that, do you really think Microsoft is going to step back and start charging for the upgrade?

I don’t.

I am expecting Microsoft to start deactivating Windows 7 licenses on 1 August, and using that to force people to upgrade to WinX. Yes, that sounds like paranoid fear-mongering, but it is also the next logical step after tricking people.

If MS was so desperate to give away the free upgrade that they tricked people into upgrading, do you really think they’re going to simply give up now that it’s no longer free?

I don’t, which is why I am glad I have WinX upgrades blocked on my computer (here’s how you can do it). Better safe than sorry.

image by Matti Mattila

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MikeB July 28, 2016 um 10:38 pm

I do expect Microsoft to stop the free upgrade. They did similar with Win 8. $40 upgrade to 8 Pro for a limited time and then they started charging full price after a few months.

Pretty much everyone who wants to upgrade has done so by now. I don’t think it is coincidental the upgrade offer is ceasing one week before the Anniversary Update. Now Microsoft won’t have to be as concerned about compatibility issues with older machines being exacerbated by a major update. Anyone willing to pay $100 or $200 for the full version likely has the knowledge to handle installation issues.

Win 7 is supported for security patches through 2020 and Win 8 is good to 2023. Microsoft can’t legally cancel the licenses so if you like Win 7 or 8 you can keep it for a good while longer.

Kaz Augustin July 28, 2016 um 11:58 pm

Hubby just got a new Win10 laptop for work. That sucker connects to a wireless network and sends I-don’t-kow-what at the drop of a hat. A Lot of it. If it wasn’t for work, I wouldn’t even allow it into the house.

Thomas July 29, 2016 um 12:43 am

I can’t really see them deactivating earlier versions of Windows by remote. There are just too many people with hardware that can’t be upgraded to Windows 10 due to lack of drivers. And, more importantly to MS, businesses that can’t or won’t upgrade. If MS started disabling old versions of Windows, you wouldn’t be able to count the number of lawsuits filed.

Moriah Jovan July 29, 2016 um 9:12 am

From your fingertips to God’s ears.

Chris Syme July 29, 2016 um 10:38 am

I tried Windows 10 when it came out–I’ve used Windows OS for 20 years. Alas, I hate Windows 10 and will not be switching. I’ve purchased a Mac laptop (my first Apple computer since 1994) and have decided that if my Windows 7 OS goes kaput on my desktop, I will get a Mac desktop…or maybe just survive with a Mac laptop. Not happy as I don’t like iOS as much as Windows, but I’ll take it over WindowsX.

Straker July 29, 2016 um 11:32 am

I work for one of the biggest health care companies in the US and all our computers are still running Windows 7. I’m sure many other large companies have also not upgraded. There’s no way Microsoft can simply shut us down. As for my home computer, I installed Windows 10 around last Thanksgiving and it was fine – for a while. Then random features suddenly stopped working. Finally, after my speakers went silent for no apparent reason, I reinstalled Win 7 just before Christmas.

Nate Hoffelder July 29, 2016 um 1:06 pm

That’s what I would have thought before the story broke that MS tricked a travel agency into upgrading, and lost a lawsuit for damages to the business.

Now I’m not so sure.

Feda August 1, 2016 um 2:01 pm

I added another couple of hard drives to my desktop and put Linux on them. Kept windows 8.1 in case I want to run some software I purchased that is not available on Linux, but I haven’t booted into Windows for a few months now.

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