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Tumblr for iOS v4.0 Adds Filtered Search, a New Widget, and Better Blogging Tools

Tumblr rolled out a major update for its iPad and iPhone app yesterday, adding a whole slew of features.

6013940675_165e85f7c0_oFirst and foremost, you can now filter posts by format while searching. Do you know that you’re looking for a photo, and not text? They’ll just show you photos. Just looking for chats? Sure, you can do that, too.  And in addition to the new filter options Tumblr has also made the search bar sticky (convenient for those heavy search sessions).

Next, Tumblr has added a feature which Android users take for granted: widgets. Anyone running iOS8 on their iDevice can now add a widget to their Today screen which shows trending topics on Tumblr.

This isn’t half as useful as the Tumblr widgets on Android, but it’s a start. And in any case, who cares about the widgets when you’re going to be busy working on posting new stuff.

Thanks to the update you can now use the iDevice app to both create and delete blogs on Tumblr.

And we’re not just talking about writing a post; if you’re on the go when struck by inspiration you can name a blog, give it an avatar and a header image, write your first post, and launch the blog all within the app.

You can also delete a blog, if you like, and there are new options for writing and submitting posts. Creating a video post is now as simple as copying and pasting a video’s URL from Vimeo, Youtube, or another hosting service. And if you want to contribute to a friend’s blog, you can now submit content from inside the app.

All in all, those are some great features but I haven’t gotten to the best one. Tumblr reports that "GIFs load in a much more pleasing fashion".

Along with cat photos, GIFs are the true power source of the internet, and now that Tumblr supports them better I can honestly say that Tumblr has finally arrived.

You can find the app in ITunes.

image by joshwept

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