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TV Room "Wallpapered" Top to Bottom in Books

tv room book massacreCompanies like Books by the Foot have long enabled conspicuous consumption by letting people buy instant libraries which match a color, topic, theme, or subject. Now Imgur user Deece27 has found a more destructive way to use books as part of his interior decoration.

BoingBoing brings us the sad tale of one book lover who covered the wall and half the ceiling of his tv room with the corpses of books:

Deece27 bought 4,000 random books from Books by The Foot and fastened them to the wall by nailing each one to the book underneath followed by two nails angled into the wall. Check out more images of the project here.

If you head on over to Imgur you will find some three dozen photos documenting the crime scene project, as well as their  notes. The original plan was to cover both the wall and ceiling with books, but the supply started running out so they shifted to a "face out" display.

What do you think?

I don’t know about you, but I am stuck on the inevitable problems of dust and smell as the books age. (I hope that room is dry and flood-proof, because otherwise it’s going to get stinky real quick.) And let’s not forget the headache of stripping the books out when the house is sold.

And then of course there’s the irony of papering a tv room with books so that they can never be used again; Ray Bradbury might appreciate it (I didn’t say he’d like it).


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Syn June 7, 2016 um 6:29 am

Seems like a fire hazard too.

Nate Hoffelder June 7, 2016 um 8:33 am

That, too.

Moriah Jovan June 7, 2016 um 8:45 am

A better way to do that would have been to cut the spines off and attach them to plywood panels, build a 2×4 frame and pin it to the wall (a few nails would do) and attach the panels to that.

The books on the ceiling is a poor design choice.

My admiration for their tenaciousness and ingenuity aside (although not their questionable taste), that would drive me batshit crazy. It’s worse than a huge open space tiled in 1’x1′ black and white checks set on the diagonal. Ask me how I know.

Nate Hoffelder June 7, 2016 um 9:06 am

I think pitting in bookshelves would have been better. Less destruction, more usable content, and you could always remove the books and use the shelves for other purposes.

Moriah Jovan June 7, 2016 um 9:21 am

l have no problem destroying books no one is using/reading to make something new and creative. If he wanted to READ them he wouldn’t have bought random books and nailed them to the wall, and clearly he wanted to do something creative and original. His purpose wasn’t served with bookcases.

Syn June 7, 2016 um 3:07 pm

Cheap insulation. The wall looks better(especially from a distance) than the ceiling. That ceiling is just a mess. I hope he plans to live their a really long time. He will have to strip all that down to sell his house, no one new coming in is going to want to do it.

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