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Twitter Contest Winners Announced

So last week I launched a contest on Twitter in order to give away 8 of the little bouncy balls that I got from E-ink. A few minutes ago I received the list of winners from the (secret) judge.

The following list were chosen from the group of about 50  twitterati who 1, tweeted a link to the blog, and 2, mentioned my Twitter handle @ThDigitalReader. Those were the only 2 requirements for the contest.

BTW, I’m also going to run a contest on Facebook and it will start tomorrow.

  1. @jafurtado
  2. @rebecsmart
  3. @BiblioCrunch
  4. @manhattan42
  5. @blefurgy
  6. @vlahovic
  7. @BotanyBoeh
  8. @paul_carnival

And here are the backups, just in case one of the winners lost interest or is unreachable.

  1. @walfischbucht
  2. @LaDameAuChapal
  3. @OrnaRoss
  4. @boduweb

If you’re on this list, please leave a message with your email or other contact info. I’m going to need mailing addresses from everyone. Thanks!


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