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Txtr Launches Web App Powered by Readium

txtr-logoMost major ebook platforms offer a web-based reading option, including Google, Amazon, and even B&N, and now we can add txtr to that list.

The Berlin-based ebook company txtr just unveiled their new web reader. Based on the open source Epub3 project Readium, txtr’s new app enables users to read DRM-free or watermarked Epub or Epub3 format ebooks directly in their Web browsers. 

Ulf Stahrenberg, COO of txtr, said "As a key contributing member to the Readium Foundation, we are committed to bringing an open and qualitative e-reading experience to users across all platforms. We are currently working on the integration of the Readium SDK in our Android and Windows 8 ebook apps."

Partially owned by 3M, txtr is best known for their failed ebook readers, including the txtr reader (2010) and the beagle (2013), but this firm also offers a white-label ebookstore platform.  In addition to apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 8, txtr has also developed a cloud storage system that enables txtr users to upload their personal ebooks to txtr’s servers and download and read them in any of txtr’s apps, including the new web app.

Readers can use the  web app to access both ebooks purchased in txtr’s ebookstore as well as for the ebooks that a user has uploaded to their unlimited free txtr cloud library.

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