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UK Retailer John Lewis to Install ePaper Shelf Labels

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The digital shelf label experts ZBD Solutions are back in the news again today. They’ve just announced a new partnership with John Lewis, a UK department store chain of 41 stores.

This retailer has recently refitted one store with electronic shelf labels made by ZBD Solutions. These labels are based around a special type of bistable-LCD screens and will be used to provide customers with product information, pricing, QR codes, promotions, and reviews.

John Lewis is installing the labels in their Exeter store as a pilot test of NetTickIT, the integrated digital label management system developed by Pierhouse. These labels are designed to be updated wirelessly, removing the need to go around and change the labels one at a time. They have installed several hundred labels in the electronics dept.


ZBD Solutions makes the shelf labels in a number of sizes ranging from 2.5″ to 5″, with the smallest intended to go on the edge of a shelf and the larger sizes designed to be used on display tables like you see above. John Lewis looks to be using one of the intermediate sizes.




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Olivier February 21, 2013 um 12:11 pm

Salesmen will have interesting conversation when clients interpret the pricetag display as the item being sold.

Mike Cane February 21, 2013 um 1:52 pm

These will be in demand when the hyperinflation hits.

Vanessa February 21, 2013 um 5:37 pm

Oh my. Won’t hackers have a *wonderful* time!

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