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Update for the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx Fixes Touchscreen Issues

T68 onyx booxPocketbook isn’t the only one sending out updates for their newly released ebook readers this week; the Chinese ereader maker Onyx has rolled out not one but two different updates for the T68, their new 6.8″ ereader.

In addition to releasing an update for the T68 model sold via Onyx’s German retail partner (here), earlier this week Onyx also released a update for the T68 Lynx sold by Arta Tech (that’s where I bought my review unit).

The latter update can be downloaded directly from the device by finding the update option in the about menu under settings. It includes a fix for the touchscreen issue that some users have been reporting. I haven’t encountered this problem so I can’t say if it has been fixed, but I do have mixed reports that suggest that not everyone is seeing an improvement.

The update for the T68 Lynx also adds a new forced refresh option. Users can make the ereader refresh a fuzzy screen by holding down the menu button. This could prove useful while using Android apps, but I for one haven’t had an issue with the screen refresh so i don’t see what has been gained.

Please note: the two different T68 models use different and incompatible firmwares which will almost certainly not work on the other model.

The Onyx Boox T68 is an ereader which runs Android 4.0 on a 1GHz CPU and has a 6.8″ screen. It’s available in a variety of markets, including Europe, Russia, and the US. Depending on where you buy it, the hardware specs and software features will be different. In the Russian market, for example, there are a couple related models sold under the T76 model number including one without a touchscreen.

As I mentioned in my review, in Europe there are two competing retailers with different models. I bought the one named the Lynx, and  I have found it possible to turn it into a nifty little E-ink Android tablet.

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Peter Montoro July 12, 2014 um 10:20 am

The update did not fix the touchscreen, it broke it! Pageswipes are now unpredictable at best and simply do not work. They need to fix it and fast.

Peter Montoro July 12, 2014 um 10:46 am

I am using an Arta Tech unit that I bought from Amazon. Is there any way to revert to the old software?

Nate Hoffelder July 12, 2014 um 12:04 pm

I a not aware of a way to revert the firmware, no.

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