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Verso Books Launches Retail Site, Offers eBook/Print Bundles

Verso Books announcedVerso_Logo_Red_Text[1] on Thursday that they are now bundling ebooks and paper books on their website. This publisher has around 1000 titles in print, and you can now find those books on the website.

Verso Books has been selling paper books on their website for over a decade (or so the Wayback Machine suggests), and they have been pointing their ebook customers to major ebookstores for nearly as long, but it was only recently that the publisher started selling  paper books and ebooks direct.

Readers can find many of Verso Books’s titles on their website in both analog and digital. Many of the print books will come bundled with an ebook, but ebook junkies such as myself can also buy the ebook separately. While it’s not clear how many titles are currently available, the press release does note that Verso Books offers free postage to anywhere in the world.

The ebooks will be available to download direct from Verso Books, and will come with only a minimum of DRM. It looks like the only formats offered are Epub and Kindle, and the DRM is provided by Booxtream. This Dutch firm specializes in digital watermark DRM, which is a subtly way of marking files with details that can identify the original purchaser. This DRM will be largely imperceptible to users, making it an ideal compromise between security and convenience.

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