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Viewsonic Viewpad announced – 7″, Android v2.2, £350

Well this is disappointing. Do you recall the OlivePad I showed you a month back? Viewsonic took the Olive Pad and slapped their own label on it. Actually, there’s a better chance that both Olive and Viewsonic licensed the hardware from the same Chinese manufacturer. We don’t know, though.

I didn’t have all that much in the way technical detail on the OlivePad, so here’s what I know from the press release:

  • 600MHz CPU
  • 7″ 800×480 screen
  • 2 cameras
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G
  • microSDHC card slot

They also promised full phone functionality. Note that the press release is for the UK launch. No word on when it will be on the shelf (samples will be available in October), but retail has been set at £350.

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Mike Cane August 31, 2010 um 8:04 am

The first of the Woot!-ready Android tablet flood begins!

Prabu Venkatraman November 8, 2010 um 4:33 am

You know, I was exactly thinking on the same lines. I have played around with Olive Pad on Nov 6th and today when I saw the Viewsonic Tab and I see that the hardware is exactly the same. Trying to figure out who from China is selling the hardware 🙂

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