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Warning Messages for "Faulty" eBooks now Showing Up on reports that Amazon is adding warning messages to certain listings in the Kindle Store. The notices appear at the top right next to the title with the words "Qualitätsprobleme wurden gemeldet" (quality issues have been reported).

If you hover the cursor over the words you’ll see a warning message. Unlike the older warning notices on Amazon .com, Amazon is not pulling the ebooks but is instead merely posting the message.

Here’s a screen snap of one of the notices:


When translated, the message reads:

Customers have reported quality issues in this eBook. This eBook has: Bad formatting. The publisher has agreed to resolve these problems.

A listing for Percy Jackson title has a similar message which mentions spelling errors (of course, this is the German version so I don’t see how anyone could tell the difference – did the wrong cat walk across the keyboard?).

For the longest time Amazon has been pulling ebooks from the Kindle Store on reports of typos and other errors, and for about four years now replacing the listings with a warning message.

But it was only earlier this year that the retailer took a softer approach of posting notices without making the title unavailable, and now that practice has been spotted in Germany.

There’s no word yet on whether Amazon is taking the same approach in other markets.


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Jon Jermey October 10, 2016 um 3:38 pm

I would happily submit typo reports to Amazon if there was a simple button or menu option to do so. Highlight, tap and send. No doubt many other people would do the same.

Tom S October 10, 2016 um 5:47 pm

The Kindle devices have had the feature you suggest for several years now. But it is up to the publisher to use this information to correct content errors.

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