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Washington Post launched a News Aggregator – Trove

The long awaited Trove iPad app launched last week, and it looks like Zite and Flipboard have another competitor. It requires a Facebook log-in, so I won’t be using it. But the listing does look interesting.

Trove promises to be a personalized news and information engine. It reportedly pulls from 10 thousand sources, including TV, blogs, and newspapers, and offers new content based on what you read, reject, and ignore.

While I don’t like the Facebook requirement, the app does use your  profile to find stuff you might want to read. It builds your initial reading list based on your Facebook likes, interests, etc. of course, my Facebook profile is minimal so it wouldn’t be useful to Trove anyway.

News items can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter, and they can also be opened in the iPad’s Safari mobile browser for bookmarking.

via iTunes

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