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Waterfi Has Shut Down

I was in the middle of updating my post on waterproof ereaders earlier today when I discovered that one of the companies mentioned in the post, Waterfi, had shut down earlier this month.

Waterfi was a company that offered an aftermarket waterproofing service. They would waterproof your gadget for a fee, and they also sold a limited selection of waterproofed gadgets including iPods, tablets, and the Kindle Paperwhite. The company had the distinction of offering a waterproof Paperwhite even before Kobo released the Kobo Aura H2O, the first waterproof ereader in the US market.

I had never used their services but it is unfortunate that we are losing the option.

Here’s the notice from their site:

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, due to declining sales we have reluctantly decided to close down Waterfi.

It has been an amazing honor to get to play a part in helping swimmers enjoy their tunes in the water since 2010, and I am so proud that we have had the opportunity to benefit so many people. We will miss serving you.

Thank you greatly all for your support and friendship,

The Waterfi Team


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