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WaterFi Now Sells a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite – Good to a Depth of 200 Feet

washingoff-500x500[1]Like many gadget owners I like to take my ereaders with me outside, and like many gadget owners I live in constant fear of dropping my ereader in a puddle.

But not any more.  I’ve just been sent a link to a Calif. based company called Waterfi. This gadget reseller has recently started offering a waterproof Kindle which they guarantee can be used in any weather conditions as well as underwater.

Waterfi has taken a Wifi equipped KPW, opened it up, and waterproofed the guts:

The Kindle Paperwhite is treated with Waterfi’s Patent Pending Dual Layer waterproofing process, so you can take your library places no books have gone before. Safe to depths of 210 feet underwater, you can now get lost in your favorite book while taking a dip in the jacuzzi, working up a sweat on the treadmill and lounging at the beach. Should spills occur or greasy hands get ahold of your kindle, simply rinse it off and you’re good to go

You could put this thing through a dishwasher and it would still work afterwards. Or drop it in the surf:


Intrigued? I hope so, because this aftermarket mod adds $100 to the retail price. Waterfi is selling the KPW with SO for $219, and the non-SO model for $239. That’s an awfully steep markup compared to a Ziploc bag (my preferred option), and it is also somewhat more expensive than competing waterproof cases like this $60 sleeve from Drycase.

But the Waterfi option has a few things going for it. This is a waterproof solution that you won’t need to remember to use, nor do you have to worry about it suddenly. The seals and seams or ereader cases will tend to age with use and eventually break down as they are exposed to sunlight; this is a fact of life. But the Waterfi case probably won’t.

I have to say that I am tempted to get one just to dump it in punch bowl at parties, but unfortunately the price is a little too dear for me. If you get one do me the favor of taking a photo of it while underwater. That will be a fun sight to see.


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cookie May 31, 2013 um 9:45 am

buy refurbished non-paperwhite kindles and you can afford to drop them in puddles or the ocean from time to time.

Chris Meadows June 3, 2013 um 4:16 am

Finally! The ultimate answer to those who complain you can’t read your e-books in the bathtub!

Ulisses June 7, 2014 um 4:46 am

It looks like a nice product, however after Waterfi charged my card, I was informed that my order would be kept on hold and after that I haven’t heard from them.

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