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Waveshare Now Carries a 5.65″ ACeP E-ink Display

How would you like to get your hands on one of E-ink’s ACeP displays? Well, Waveshare has a 5.65″ screen unit which it will soon be selling for $75.

The expected ship date is October 2020:

ACeP is the seven-color E-ink display that E-ink unveiled about 4 years ago. It was developed for the signage market because its limitations made it unsuitable for devices such as ereaders.

It is limited to seven colors, no more and no less. Like the earlier 3-color Spectra displays, ACeP displays don’t do shades of red, yellow, etc. All you can do is enable or disable a color when you refresh the screen. Also, ACeP displays have a rather slow refresh rate (15 seconds).

But while this display is unsuitable for most uses, it can still be fun to experiment with. The unit that Waveshare is selling is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Jetson Nano, and other project boards, so if you liked you could use this unit to add some color to one of your projects.

I don’t think it’s worth the cost, but it is cool to have the option.

P.S. Curiously enough, E-ink is selling the same screen unit without the mounting board for $150. I’d wait for Waveshare’s unit.

via CNX software

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vicente August 12, 2020 um 9:50 am

But ACeP can display an enormous gamut of colors, although this one can’t do it.

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