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Wear Reader Lets You Speed Read eBooks on the iWatch

wear reader 1Remember the early PDA days when you tried to read ebooks on a tiny screen?

Wear Reader wants to bring those days back. This recently launched iWatch app lets users read epub ebooks, DOCX files, and text files on their iWatch.

This app works much like the recently updated Glose app. It flashes one word at you at a time on the iWatch’s tiny screen, at rates of 50 WPM to 150 words per minute (or even faster). It doesn’t support DRM, but it does let you download books from Dropbox or iCloud. What’s more, managing the settings and navigating around inside the book can all be down from the iWatch (or so the screenshots suggest).

This is a nifty idea, isn’t it?

Well, no. I agree with 9to5Mac in that this sounds like a terrible idea for an iWatch app. For one thing, this particular speed reading technique gives me a headache, but more importantly, if you’re going to spend this much time staring at a gadget then why not just pull out your iPhone?

The iWatch was intended to complement the iPhone. If you’re just going to move an activity from one device to another less capable, less usable, and less convenient device then why bother getting the second device?

I didn’t want to say it when Glose released their speed reading iWatch app, but this is a silly idea for an app. I think it would be better to copy Instapaper and use the iWatch as a control for a TTS feature.

You can find the Wear Reader in iTunes. It costs $1.


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RockDaMan May 28, 2015 um 8:00 am

Apple Watch, not iWatch. The same way it’s the Apple Store, not the iStore.

myztero May 28, 2015 um 11:57 pm

What’s an iWatch?

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